It was a long day of training and it exposed deficiencies in my skills and equipment that I wouldn’t have otherwise known to focus on.

Shannon P. | Prescott, AZ

I have taken a few courses instructed by Glen and I’ve noticed a re-occurring theme: packing a lot of good information into one day’s work. All the information gone over in the course is well explained as well as demonstrated effectively. This course is one helluva bang for the buck, an awesome course with great information, and better instruction than I have had elsewhere.

Brad P | Mesa, AZ

This training is very good and still enjoyable. One of the great things is that Glen works with a person’s equipment and disabilities, and helps that student work around them. I haven’t heard of many training facilities that do that.

Will R. | Willcox, AZ

Several of the instructors I’ve trained with have made negative or less than “kind” remarks about what people carry or what gear they use. I don’t have an issue with constructive suggestions about why a particular firearm or piece of gear may not be appropriate, but I don’t like it when an instructor bashes firearms/gear that are different from what they use or carry. Glen is very good about this – he doesn’t have a problem telling you what works for him and why, and why what you have may not work the way you want it to, but he’ll never make someone feel inferior about what they have. Instead, he shows you how to push what you do have to the limit.

Brice D. | Phoenix, AZ

A big thanks to Glen for the class (IFAK Life-Saver). For those of you who are military and think an hour of TC3 is the same as his 4 hour IFAK class; think again. It was informational and very well put together. Sitting in front of a junior enlisted Corpsman for an hour while he rattles off TC3 to 100+ Marines (or whatever branch you are) is nothing compared to the 1 on 1 instruction you get with Glen.

Lee S. | Surprise, AZ

I’ve done a lot of instructing in my life. With 13 years in the Canadian Military, I have taught Basic Training Courses, small arms classes, howitzer courses, range safety and leadership. I’ve been a Scout Leader, and in industry – a safety trainer, orientation trainer and more. All that not to say that I am a super-instructor; quite the contrary. Rather, I state all that to make it clear that I recognize a great instructor when I see one.

I had the privilege this past weekend to participate in a Trauma First Aid Class taught by Glen Stilson of Independence Training. Glen is one of those instructors that keeps his class engaged, has a great demeanor and clearly knows the material well.

Marshall M. | Gilbert, AZ

After several years of training and numerous courses – this is the best one and Glen is a fantastic instructor. In 2 days of training my shooting ability has improved a thousand percent. Thanks so much for your personal interest.

Robin O. | Sandy Springs, GA

The class was great. Content was excellent and presented in a well organized and professional manner. Your passion to create a learning environment lended itself to have each of us reach deep to gain confidence to go forth and overcome and prevail. Thanks for the training.

Cy A. | Anthem, AZ

Way more than I expected, very comprehensive. I have a new respect for firearms.

John K. | Tucson, AZ

Glen is an excellent shooting instructor, he had [my wife] hitting the bullseye within 50 rounds in 1 hour at 7 yards and 10 yards. I am truly impressed with the results.

Anthony B. | Dewey, AZ

Glen was a great teacher. Effective, Concise, Passionate – I will take another class!

Caroline H. | Prescott Valley, AZ

I really enjoyed this class, it helped with our safety and others. Thank you for coming to our school.

Paige F. | Prescott Valley, AZ

I feel more confident in defending myself, more than I have ever felt. It was so much information, and it was really good. I really learned a lot!

Susan H. | Pearce, AZ

I really appreciate the customization of the class today. You guys were very interesting, fun, informative, educational, and totally enjoyable. You helped me gain more confidence and gave me a new mindset about the world of firearms! I’m sure we will be scheduling another class soon! Thanks.

Chris Y. | Peoria, AZ

Best class yet!

Roger T. | Prescott, AZ

We think this was an excellent Course & taught by excellent instructors. Execellent help & willing to work with problems. We would recommend this course to anyone. Was definitely informative.

Ralph & Dottie B. | Prescott, AZ

Highly recommended.

Cindy R. | Phoenix, AZ

Class portion was very interesting. I was grateful for all of the legal coverage. On the range the instructors were very knowledgeable and encouraging. They helped me with my grip, trigger, stance, and yet were easy with praise & encouragement. Thank you for putting us all at ease.

Kimberly P. | Mesa, AZ


Charlene A. | Phoenix, AZ

You guys were fabulous! I feel that I am far better prepared than I was before I took this class. You are very gifted teachers. Thank you.

Lynn P. | Willcox, AZ

Awesome Experience! I had done some shooting before, but I learned a great deal and my shooting improved tremendously by the end of the day! Thanks again!

Phil P. | Mesa, AZ

Fantastic courses. Thoroughly enjoyed and learned a lot. I feel more comfortable with my equipment and more confident in my shooting. Glen was great in his explanation of all that was taught.

Julia O. | Sandy Springs, GA

Great training on the range, the intructors are very professional. Safety is number one. The improvement by all was really great. Thanks for everything!

Larry W. | Dewey, AZ

Great Course Setup! With working with us, (the instructors) were able to take us from Basic, to Intermediate, to Advanced quickly. Even with my past experience with two different CCW Classes, the other classes do not compare to the level of personal attention we received and the results achieved through Independence Training.

Peter B. | Prescott Valley, AZ

Since I am a beginner, I like the repetition & appreciated the continued corrections. I like the way the Instructors watched and listened to us.

Susan H. | Pearce, AZ

Had a wonderful time! Thanks for your time and individual attention. I would recommend your class to all I know that are interested.

Bruce E. | Peoria, AZ

Class was very informative of applicable laws, gun safety, and self-defense. Everything was explained thoroughly and clearly, great experience. Range session was excellent! Both instructors helped me very much, I thoroughly enjoyed this!

Benjamin P. | Prescott, AZ

Fantastic Course with plenty of individual attention, my confidence level rose dramatically. The Intermediate Course was well planned & executed.

Gary R. | Prescott Valley, AZ

Very pleased that the Shooting portion of the Defensive Handgun Course was split by skill level, made the day less stressful and not so slow. The Instructors are very personable and willing to help with everything. Medical Course was very informative, learned a lot from the demonstrations and visuals.

Amanda H. | Willcox, AZ

The Basic Handgun Course was exceptional, worth way more than what it cost.

Jessica O. | Prescott Valley, AZ

Excellent Class! Shooting range Excellent!

Bill G. | Dewey, AZ

As a novice I was uncertain how to handle a firearm. The instructors were extremely patient, informing, and efficient. By the end of the Defensive Handgun Course I was more confident to use my 9mm handgun as a tool. Steve made me feel that I could accomplish anything with my weapon, I am excited to go home & dry practice to stay prepared. Thank you!

Emily H. | Safford, AZ

The class time was good and I especially enjoyed the range time. The instructors were very helpful & gave me insight into improving my shooting. Look forward to the next class! Keep up the good work guys!

Virgil A. | Dewey, AZ

I surely enjoyed the Defensive Handgun Course; the techniques were great and everything was taught clearly, every individual was taught how to improve. Medical Course was great.

Daniel J. | Willcox, AZ

Very good and patient instructors. Enjoyed my first time on a shooting range and looking forward to more practice. Thank you.

Carol S. | Prescott, AZ

The end results for my wife and I exceeded our expectations.

Curt & CJ B. | Dewey, AZ

Great Training. Very good one on one instruction, good instructor to student ratio, and very informative.

Margaret B. | McNeal, AZ

I really appreciate how this Intermediate Handgun Course teaches how to focus and shoot under pressure. This course helped me to be able to draw ready and safely shoot my weapon. Great class, I would do it again to learn more – a lot of good information.

Samantha B. | Prescott Valley, AZ