AR15 Armorer’s Course – Two Day

Semper Paratus Arms’ two day AR-15 Armorer Course is a comprehensive class on assembly and disassembly of the AR-15 weapon system.  At the completion of this class you will have the skills and knowledge necessary to completely assemble, disassemble, and re-barrel an AR-15.  You will also learn the skills necessary to properly inspect for wear / damage, as well as diagnose and repair, common causes of stoppages of the AR-15.
In addition to a complete AR-15, or complete parts kit and receiver you will need the following:

-Complete set of steel punches- 1/16, 5/64, 3/32, 1/8, 5/32
-Complete set of roll pin holders
-Complete set of roll pin punches
-1? Nylon and Brass Hammer
-Small to medium pair of needle nose pliers.
-Large flat tip screwdriver or variable tip screwdriver set.
-Bolt Catch Pin Punch
-Pivot Pin Installation Tool

In Service Maintenance and Inspection
We also offer an in-service weapon inspection program that determines the current serviceability of your departments long guns. This inspection process is done at your agency and includes:

  • An inspection of the rifle’s general condition
  • A complete Go/No-Go gauge check of the bolt, barrel and receiver using DOD approved inspection gauges
  • An assessment of the weapons serviceability and
  • A recommended course of action for repairs as needed

As part of the service, repair parts for mil-spec rifles are available through SPA at a discounted price.