Emergency Preparedness and Outdoor Survival Training

Life is full of surprises, but that doesn’t mean you should be unprepared for them! Whether you slide off the road and get stuck in the snow or have to evacuate your home due to hazardous conditions, don’t be caught off-guard! Learn how to be prepared mentally for emergencies by improving your situational awareness and ready-mindset, as well as how to apply proven emergency planning principles to any situation, no matter how small or how large. Prepare physically by learning how to create an atmosphere of readiness in your home, and how to create useful emergency kits for your home, your family, your vehicle, and your business.

Tuition varies based on training location and length of classes. Private training for groups and families is also available.


Courses Offered Include:

Practical Preparedness 

This half day course covers the fundamentals of being prepared for those who are new to the concept. Topics includes:

-What do I plan for? Being realistic about the future.

-Where do I put all of this stuff? Storage solutions for every situation.

-Bug In or Bug Out? Taking a practical approach to your preps.

-Who do I tell? How to manage security in an insecure world.


Priorities of Survival

Based on concepts from our Outdoor Mastery program, this class is normally broken up into 7 parts, and can also be taught as a 2 day program. 

-Overview of the 7 priorities – how they are applied in both urban and outdoor environments

-A look at realistic kit design, contents, and carry

Priorities Covered:

STOP: what it means and how we use it to save lives

Fire: using modern techniques to keep a safe fire easily at hand

Water: water is life, and being able to purify and identify clean water is vital to survival

Food: how to find it, how to make it, and how to store it

Shelter: building, hiding, and securing your shelter, whether that’s your home or otherwise

Signal: which methods are best to get help when you need it, and how to setup communications

First-Aid: the no-fluff approach to “dirt medicine”