Youth Safety Education

Independence Training offers educational courses designed specifically for middle-school and high-school aged youth. Currently we offer two different courses – Youth Safety Education and Outdoor Mastery. We also offer private training opportunities for youth in the areas of firearms safety and marksmanship, as well as self-defense.

Youth Safety Education is a course taught at PACE Academy in Prescott Valley, AZ and Camp Verde, AZ. This is an 8-hour class which can be taught in smaller segments; currently at PACE Academy we teach it in four 2-hour segments. This course discusses the History of Firearms, State and Federal Firearm and Self-Defense Laws, Firearm Safety and Safe Handling, the Basics of Marksmanship, and an Intro to Emergency Preparedness. This is a classroom-lecture based course. Starting in Spring of 2012 we will also be offering Ladies Self-Defense and Staff Emergency Response training at Pace Academy.

Read a Letter of Recommendation from PACE Academy’s director by clicking here.