Glen Stilson

  • Owner and Head Instructor
  • Served in US Army
  • Competitive Shooter
  • Certified Instructor – NRA and American Red Cross
  • Published Author
  • Host of The Arms Room Show
  • Range Manager at Cowtown Range


John Pinnix

  • Instructor for handgun, carbine, shotgun and combatives courses
  • Served in US Marine Corps
  • Currently serves in Arizona Army National Guard as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) tech
  • Owns RedWire Gear 
  • Co-host for The Arms Room Show


Josh Reeves

  • Instructor for handgun, carbine, CQC and rifle courses
  • Served in US Army Special Operations
  • Worked with overseas military contractors
  • Competitive Shooter
  • Certified Instructor – NRA  
  • Certified EMT



Adal Lopez

  • Instructor for emergency medical, handgun and CQC courses
  • Served in US Army Special Operations
  • Has worked in field medicine since 1991
  • Currently works as a Paramedic and Flight Medic


Mason Miller

  • Instructor for handgun and carbine courses
  • Currently serves in US Army Reserve as a Military Policeman
  • Show producer for The Arms Room Show


Rebecca Waite

  • Instructor for emergency medical and handgun courses
  • Spent 16 years in civilian Fire and EMS
  • Prior Flight Medic
  • Instructor at AZ State Fire School and Genesis Rescue
  • Competitive barrel racer


Brian Sinclair

  • Instructor for handgun, carbine and combatives classes
  • Served in US Army
  • Experience working in Department of Corrections 
  • Martial arts since age 12
  • Amateur MMA fighter


Matt Dobson

  • Instructor for emergency medical courses
  • Served in US Army
  • Prior training cadre at US Army School of Combat Medicine