Advanced Handgun Training

There really is no such thing as “advanced handgun skills” – there are just extreme applications of the fundamentals. In our Advanced Handgun course, you’ll be running your gun harder than ever before while you take your training to the next level! You’ll learn single-handed shooting techniques and perform single-handed manipulations from unconventional positions, from behind cover, and while engaging multiple targets at varied ranges. You’ll become confident in close-quarters engagements, and discover how to choose positions of advantage. Then put your skills to the test with some ‘run and gun’ exercises.

**This course has a pre-requisite of our Defensive Handgun course or similar training, based on our approval.**

  • 8-Hours of Range Instruction
  • Single Handed Shooting and Manipulation
  • Close Quarters Engagement
  • Unconventional Shooting Positions
  • Use of Cover and Concealment
  • Engaging Multiple Targets

Required Equipment:

  • Reliable Semi-Automatic Handgun or Revolver
  • 450 Rounds of Handgun Ammunition
  • Sturdy Handgun Holster and Magazine Holder
  • 2 Extra Magazines or Speed Loaders
  • Hearing Protection and Eye Protection
  • Corrective Eyewear if Needed
  • Lunch, Water, Hat, and Weather Appropriate Clothing